May 30, 2016

Come to Work with Me

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I took a few pictures of my desk decor.

Thank you for visiting me this day of sharing with friends.

May 20, 2016

The Debutante

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The Debutante. 

Have a wonderful day,

April 11, 2016

Chef Chris

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Presentation is everything and I think Chris has got it together. I am thinking breakfast has become his specialty. The picture he took is extremely perfect in angle, colors and a definite masculine style.

To God be the glory,

April 09, 2016

Breakfast with Chef Chris

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Just finished having breakfast with my son, Christopher.
Egg and sausage tacos with berry garnish.

I woke up hearing music and noise in the kitchen so I got out of bed, went to the living room and saw the back and front doors were open allowing a cool gentle breeze to flow through the house; such a beautiful morning breeze. I continued forward and was pleasantly surprised to see my son making breakfast. We chatted a bit then I got dressed for the day. When I saw how lovely he had prepared my plate and felt the morning breeze blowing I decided we should eat breakfast outside. What a wonderful way to start my Saturday.

What a wonderful world,
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