November 28, 2014

Kristen's Pie & Stuffin-Muffins

Kristen made a beautiful pie. It looked as if it were topped with circus roses but it was thinly sliced apples decorated over a homemade custard pie.
My sister, Eva, prepared stuffing in muffin-cups; how cute is that?  They tasted so good I took some home for lunch.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with friends and family.

October 01, 2014

Siss-Ter Dar-lene Pa-yan

I wrote the following post maybe 2 or 3 years ago but I never felt to share it until now. So, my last name is Payan and sounds like pie-yawn. You ready? Here goes...
 I added this picture from Christopher's graduation. 

I have a testimony I would like to share with you. I moved back to Glendale, Arizona in 2008 and had lived here about one and a half years when this story took place. It happened on a Sunday morning at church during the altar service, I cannot tell you what the preaching was about but I can tell you that I've never forgot that church service nor have I let go of what was promised to me that day; I am standing on the promises of the Lord for my miracle. I hope this encourages you in your walk with the Lord and in trusting the hand that not only shakes the foundations of doubt, He removes them. This is how God got a hold of my attention.

It was at the start of the altar service and I thought to myself, "I'll just pray here at my pew." I was not praying a real deep prayer but I was praying when all of a sudden Pastor Garrett came and placed both hands firmly (grabbed) on my head and began to deliver this message with such boldness in the Holy Ghost that I suddenly went from just simply praying to grabbing-hold-to-the-horns-of-the-altar type prayer. This is what he said,

"Siss-Ter Dar-lene Pa-yan, the Holy Ghost told me to tell you, "Whatsoever ye ask for, He is going to give it. If it is for your husband, He will give you your husband, if it is for your children, He will give you your children, if it is financial, He will bless you financially, all you have to do is ask it of Him and He will give it to you."

I began to weep, my friend. I wept and talked to the Lord earnestly and with such humility that God would let me ask for anything and He would give it and in that humility this is what I prayed.

"God, I don't need to ask for finances. You have showed me how good You take care of me. If I am in need of anything You have provided for me and my children. What I want is my husband. I want Ralph saved and for him to come home. He is lost in a world of sin and needs You to save him. I want my husband saved. I want Kristen saved, Lord. There are struggles... and... in her life. She needs You or she will be lost. I want Jared saved, Lord. I want my son to be a "Man After God's Own Heart", one that serves You and lives for You all the days of his life. I want Christopher to be saved. God, all this heartache over everything that happened in our lives while he was young has hurt him. Each time that he says he wants his dad to come home and that he wants his dad saved, he always proclaims, "God is going to bring him home and things are going to be different." He has the faith of a child in You, Lord. But today and in his future I want Christopher to be saved. Use my son, Christopher, for your kingdom. You spared his life so many times for Your service, use my son, Lord." Then I began to name each of my siblings and their children. I prayed for my parents. I prayed for my Ralph's parents and each of their children.

I cried out, "God, this is what matters. Not the finances, not the job. You always provide, I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor Your seed begging for bread. Ne-verrr."

Well, my friend, at the start of this year's prayer and fasting something got a hold of me or was it that I got a hold of faith. I began to pray, "Lord, I am going to praise You as if it already were. I am seeing through eyes of faith and not fear and doubt." This is what I have been telling the Lord when I pray.

"Lord, I did not ask the Man of God to step down off the platform and say those words to me. You spoke to the Man of God to deliver this message. You offered me anything and that You would give it. Remember that day, Lord? Remember when You said through Pastor, "If it's your husband He will give you your husband"? That was your message to me, God. I remind You of the promise You offered me. I know You have not forgotten, but I am seeing it as though it already were. Because You, God, You said it".

Friend, it will not be long. In prayer the Lord showed me a time frame and we are close my friend. We are so close. I can tell you more about the prophesies of others messages were given to my family such as: A missionary from China visiting our services, came up to my daughter and said to her, "Your dad is going to come home." We never met this missionary before yet he had a message from the Lord to my daughter.

A lady at my work, asked me if I was married? I told her no. She said, "You might think this is weird because I don't even know you, but, I feel like I am supposed to tell you that your husband is coming home. I don't know why I am saying this, I was trying to ignore this feeling because, well, I don't even know who you are." My reply was this, "You might not know me but God knows me and He wanted to show me He is at work in my life. It might seem strange to you but it is not strange to me. Thank you for telling me this, you don't know how much it meant to me." Then she looked at me and asked if I believe in God, because she believes but she doesn't go to church and that was why this was strange to her. It provided me an opportunity to tell her of the Lord. He is an awesome God!

I have been renewed with such joy and a grateful heart for what is going to happen.

I love you, dearly.
Isn't God good? Yes, He is SO GOOD!

September 26, 2014

Closure On The Past

Let's do a little bit of catching up today on what's been going on lately. Ready?

It's been just over two months ago when I told my kids that I had this feeling in my heart that we passed the test. Which test? The test of my circumstances. It was so clear to me as I felt the weight of my situations lift from me.

I told my kids,  "Dad is coming home" I felt that so strong to where I knew it to be real. Then Sis. Loe approached me and wanted to share with me that her family got to talk to Ralph and that his eyes watered-up as they told him they are praying for him.

We have an evangelist at our church and he stated something I believe. That when the man of God speaks God will honor what he said. I have clung to that these past years because Pastor told me God is going to bring Ralph back. Pastor Garrett told me that 6 years ago. And I have watched and waited, looking down the dusty road hoping to see my husband come home. Well, there at the end of altar service Pastor said, "Your husband is coming home." He said it twice. And this is another thing I believe that when God repeats Himself, He really means it. God knows that I believe that way and that is why it was said twice. I caught that as I listened.

Now, I am just sharing what is in my heart with you, today. I want to say out loud what I have seen God do for me and is going to do for me also.

Recently,  I applied for a job that I knew was to be mine. I went to the interview with so much confidence that I felt God already made the decision about it. After the interview I was told they will get back to me by Friday. Today,  I looked at my email,  checked my phone, and a friend asked me if I heard anything yet. No, I had not. She told me not to worry about it because she knows God always looks out for me. Praise God that is the testimony they see of God toward His children. My reply was that I'm not worried if it's mine He will open that door. Then this is what came to my mind, I believe God was opening a new door and closing the door to the past six years. Those years were hard and hurtful. I began to feel encouraged again about my interview even though I had not heard anything.  After work I checked my phone and there was the call and voice mail; which only said to call them back. I did and was offered the position. A new door opened so I could close the door of hurts.

One concern I have had over the years is having to renew my lease. Because when Ralph comes home this house will be too small for one more person. I have had to renew my lease each year or I had to move out. Well,  I never wanted to be committed to a lease. But today they said it will be month to month. So now I am not tied to a lease and we can move when we need to.

I want to post the draft-post I wrote about 2 or 3 years ago but I will wait for you to read this one first.

Like it never happened. That's the life Joseph lived after he was reunited with his family. The Bible tells us that God will restore the years that locusts have eaten. I will continue to praise even though I am still waiting for it to happen.

God bless,

I am still using my phone to post. Sorry no pictures just sharing my heart.


August 31, 2014

The Woman at the Well and Mary

As you know, I am a Wellness Consultant with doTerra, so, I do quite a bit of research to answer questions about the oils. I decided to research the oils of the Bible and I have learned this about Mary, the woman who poured out a pound of spikenard on the Lord's feet.

Let me talk about one woman to explain the other woman.

The woman at the well went to gather water at a certain hour of the day when she knew no one else would be at the well. The Bible tells us that she had five husbands and the one she was with at the time of this story was not her husband.  Her way of life had caused her to be unaccepted in polite circles, thus, the reason for her going to the water-well after the normal time the women gathered water. Again, she was not going to find herself in a crowd of the respectable women of the town for she probably felt the shame of her situation or was made to feel ashamed and it would have been quite uncomfortable for her to be at the water-well at the same time. But the Lord knew she would be there and He made the journey to be at the well at the time that she would be there so that He could speak to her about the living water that He could give and she would never thirst again. You can read more about her in your bible in the book of John chapter 4.

Now, Mary also was not accepted in polite society for she was a woman of ill repute. So she probably took care not to be in public places where the good women were going to be such as maybe the market or the doctor's office (Oh yes, there were doctors back then for the Bible tells us that Luke was a physician). So, if Mary got sick she would probably have to take care of herself.

And this is what I found about Spikenard oil: helps with anxiety, insomnia, heart conditions, helps with the nervous system, menstrual conditions, digestion, constipation and hemorrhoids, it is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, and so much more can be said about the health benefits of the spikenard oil.

I believe that Mary probably had bought this oil for if she became sick she could use the spikenard to get well because she would not feel comfortable in going to the doctor's office or perhaps not allowed/accepted in the office (they had stricter ways and ideas back then).

After Mary was delivered of demons and was forgiven of her sins,  she took this spikenard oil with her to Simon's house, inspite of the crowd, she poured the oil on the Lord's feet.

The room did not become still but angry for the book of Mark tells that Judas called it a waste and the book of Luke tells that Simon had thought that if Jesus had known what type of woman Mary was that Jesus would not allow her to touch Him, for she was a shameful woman, and Matthew writes that the disciples were filled with indignation against her.

But Mary poured all the oil that she had set aside for herself in case she would have a medical need, for she had been forgiven of so much and in that forgiveness she no longer had to carry the shame of her past. So, she poured out the shame that filled her heart and soul and she didn't need to keep it on a shelf, in an unopened alabaster box, to remind her of her shame. She poured out her shame, and wept so many tears that the Bible says that she washed His feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. She was so thankful to be relieved of the shame, delivered and forgiven of her sins

The second thing I learned was that now if she became sick she would depend on Jesus for her healing for she believed in Him and no longer looked at the oil as her sole medical resolution for the oil was no more; but the Lord she has always.

No, DoTerra does not carry the spikenard oil but like I said I was studying the oils of the Bible and I learned a few things: I know it wasn't just a costly oil that got poured out that day but a whole lot more. Mary poured out all that she had hidden in her heart that day: the shame of her past as well as her dependency on the oil. God is so good and full of compassion to those who are lost for he asked the angry crowd "Why trouble ye the woman" and to Simon, Jesus replied "for she loved much for she was forgiven much."

Both women in this study helped me understand the "what and why's", and hopefully, I helped you understand this bible story.

God bless,

I am typing this from my phone so please excuse any errors that may have been overlooked. 
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