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October 28, 2011

Tropical and Autumn Close Up

My sister, Olga, made this arrangement. I just had to take it home and enjoy the Birds of Paradise with the Autumn touches of the large sunflowers on each side topped by Candace roses and green spiders.

Thank you for the visit.



October 26, 2011

Two Weeks Have Gone By

It was 7:41 A.M. when I received the tap on my shoulder from a supervisor, the dreaded phone call, "Your daughter called and she is crying", I looked at the clock and knew, I just knew what happened. My daughter should be driving home to pick up my youngest son to take him to school. Not knowing if one of my children or both were involved, (calm down, girl). I frantically placed the call and left my job, "My baby needs me!" Or was it, "I need my baby!" My daughter, Kristen, was involved in an accident two weeks ago. She is alive and that is what matters. Count your blessings each day, my friend, count your blessings each day. I have told everyone the only thing that really disturbed me was her remark to the policeman, "My mother is going to kill me!" I asked her if she was preparing him to have me arrested as soon as I arrived to scene of the accident? Yes, my van was totaled but my daughter is alive and everyone else involved are doing well! Thank the Lord!
I was going to post some pictures of the accident, of her in the hospital, and as she was walking with a cane but I had second thoughts about it. So, I did a little bit of searching and found exactly what I was looking for, I am posting something that really matters to me instead. 

Christopher giving his sister a kiss.
                                                                   Kristen with friends,
                                                    Chelsea and Mary, and then with Cassia
 Dannah and Kristen
 Rachel, Sarah, Marissa and Kristen
 Hannah and Kristen

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October 08, 2011

Kristen's Cupcakes

Kristen was excited to make fresh Strawberry cupcakes and strawberry frosting. She bought some of all the ingredients that her new Cupcake book instructed.
 The first batch of frosting did not come out so good it was too runny  (she thought margarine was the same as butter, shh, I am not supposed to tell you that). So, Kristen added a whole lot more of the powdered sugar. The after taste of the sugar was a bit strong. Kristen wanted to cry I knew she was really disappointed so I used words of wisdom, "Kristen, you're the best cupcake maker I know." A slight smile at the edges of her mouth, some tears on the brim of the eyes, and a voice in soft low tones, "Thanks". She took another quick run to the store to buy more strawberries for the frosting and topping. The next batch was wonderful. Just needed a little bit of guidance is all.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. Proverbs 25:11
(Oh, so true.)

They looked so pretty and tasted great! Yum.


Farmer Boy and Cattails

Finally, I can mark two thinks off my check list, 1. I unpacked the Little Farmer Boy, and 2. I stopped at the floral warehouse where we buy most of our flowers for my autumn centerpiece. I prefer to use items that will dry and still look great. The dark cattails and natural copper beach leaves bring together the earthy tones that set off the green and red berries.
The spikey cattails so dark and furry brown and black.
I found Autumn at my table. 
I love pomegranates for decorations. I used artificial fruit but everything else is real.
The Italian goblet's color is called Mango. The sorbet cups are Carnival glass.
Maple leaf, salt and pepper shakers were a gift from Kristen a few years ago.
I use them every year.

And the Little Farmer Boy? 
Here he is!

Thank you for the visit, 
From my house to yours,


October 05, 2011

A Real "You Just Have Got to See This"

If you have run out of ideas or themes on what to do for the holidays or for that "Welcome October", you really must visit Stone Gable. You will find a variety of tablescapes that you never thought of before and you will be so glad you had time for the visit. Not to mention there is an incredible "Giveaway" that could be yours. Find your way by clicking this link http://stonegable.blogspot.com/ .

The napkins are the giveaway. You must agree with me, this is lovely. This is just a sneak-peek of what you will find there. Be careful, it will take your breath away. Ahhh



October 01, 2011


Happy October, everyone!


A Petite Cottage

In Ana's profile she describes herself as a "Home Engineer" she is also a wife and mother. Might I add that she is witty and creative. Her fall pumpkins won the applause of her fellow bloggers. The cinnamon stick provided the scent to complete the autumn decorations. Beautiful work, Ana. Read how she
"picked" her pumpkins.

Ana's Post: Oh Sew Special Pumpkin Patch
I've been busy making picking pumpkins at an oh sew special pumpkin patch ;-)

 Sew many to "pick" from. These are the ones I got last week and this week I plan to make pick some more.

 this one I made a couple of years back.

And now they adorn my coffee table...

Hmmm, now I think I need some more for my dining room. So off I go to the oh sew special pumpkin patch...(my sewing machine area). Hee, hee, hee.

Blog: A Petite Cottage

Gracias, Ana. We enjoyed your visit. I am sure we will visit again, soon.

Whose button will be stolen next? Hmm.


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