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June 18, 2014

I Heard My Tone Beginning to Sound Like This...But I Said...

I use a phone case that has the slots for credit cards and a driver's license.

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Today, I stopped to get a cup of coffee at the usual place. After placing my order I take out my case, place it on the counter to get my card, and pay for my coffee. I never took my hands off my phone but I wasn't holding it tight, either.

The girl behind the counter compliments and grabs my phone case and asked what type of phone was it and if my phone has, "YouTube"? I replied, "I don't do "YouTube".

As she was going through my phone icons that I set on the main screen, she remarks that I don't have the "YouTube" icon set on my phone and states, "You have the Bible on your phone," as if though I just got caught and is gonna tell. I acknowledged that I have two Bible icons, one for audio and the other to read. Then I patiently said, "I don't do "YouTube".

With her taking possession of my phone and a crowd standing in line behind me, I was trying not to get upset and (Ahem) ask for my phone. So, I kept answering every time she mentioned "YouTube" that, "I don't do "YouTube", hoping she would get the hint that I don't like this one bit.

"I want to show you something," says she as she goes to the menu settings and finds the "YouTube" icon (which comes with the phone) and taps it and says, "I want to show you a poem." And again, my reply came as before, "I don't do "YouTube".

She finds the video she wants me to see and I said, again, "I don't do "YouTube".

The next person in line got closer to the counter and I just knew my face was red because it felt HOT. I refused to look at anyone but this girl who was going through my phone without my permission. I envisioned I heard my tone beginning to sound like this, "I've clearly stated," as I pause and cross my arms so she could see and hear that I am upset with this invasion and presumptuousness, "I Don't Do "YouTube"!

But what I said was, "I don't do "YouTube".

She had it ready for me to tap on the start button and slides the phone back to me. I picked up my phone, I closed out of "YouTube", closed my phone case and as calmly and as soft spoken as I could, trying not to offend, I looked at her and said, "I don't do "YouTube".

Would you believe she got upset with me?

I kept a smile (at-least, I hope it looked like a smile) so I could walk away and act as if I did not notice her facial expressions. I was glad to get out of there. Whew!

I am so glad you stopped by for a visit.
And thanks for listening, I knew you'd understand.

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