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December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve Dinner At The Arizona Biltmore

 On Christmas Eve, my children and I go out to dinner since relatives come to town 
for Christmas Day. This year we went to Wright's at the Arizona Biltmore for dinner.
It feels so good to do something special together for the holidays.

  I take one present to dinner and they open it at the restaurant. Kristen did not wait for the picture to be taken so I only have my sons as they opened their gift.

Christopher was having such a good time, we all were.

Now, I wear a Santa hat each year, sometimes I will go shopping with it on, but I wear it 
as the gifts are passed along Christmas morning and I sing to my kids, "On the Twelfth Day 
of Christmas, my mother gave me...", and I wait until the package is open and I end the song.
 In our house we do the Twelve Days of Christmas. I shop all year long and buy little 
things and on Christmas Day is when I give their main gift. We have so much fun. Kristen
gave me pink roses along with her gift. Oh, they are so pretty and smell so good.

Until next year, God bless you.

December 24, 2011

No Room For A King

The Inn was filled with the hustle and bustle of the locals as they made every accommodation for visitors but not for Him. "No room", was the reply they heard as they trudged along trying to find a place where they may find some privacy and rest for the time had come for her to deliver her child. 
The pains begun to get closer and he heard her try to contain another "Uuhhh". He has got to do something find someplace for her to lie down. Another inn, knock,knock. "We have no room", he heard once more. Another pain, "Uuhhh", as her stomach became hard with another contraction. Mixed with the sense of urgency and concern, Joseph turned looked at Mary then turned back to the inn-keeper and asked once more, "Any place, please, my wife is about to have the baby and she needs to rest!" The man looked at Mary as another contraction hit and with a sense of compassion for the young mother-to-be he said, "You can use the stable, you and your wife." There was room in a stable for the King of Kings who was about to be born into this world. He did not make a grand entrance but came meek and lowly as the promise was fulfilled.
Unto us a child is born, unto us a child is given... Isaiah 9:6

Merry Christmas
From Kristen, myself, Jared, Christopher, and my mom, Aurora Espinoza. May your 2012 be filled with the blessings of the Lord for you and your families.

We will be joining my church in a time of devotion and consecration as we do at the start of each year, during this time I will be renewing my commitments, dedications, and soul searching desiring a closer a walk with the Lord. We will visit again, soon, in the new year.
"Lord, there is room in my heart for the King. I want You to see that I love You most, longing for a closer walk with You. Draw me nearer, Lord." 

p.s. You will still see my hat tomorrow. I did not want to share this post with anything but the real reason for Christmas and things of the Lord.

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December 23, 2011

Christmas Stockings And My Favorite Ornament

I thought I had lost them in the move to El Paso, it was two weeks until Christmas, and I was really upset, "Did I throw them away in the move?" I thought I had looked everywhere and could not find my kids Christmas stockings. How do I explain to my kids I may have thrown them away.
I needed to find other stockings for my kids Christmas but how would I find something my kids would like as much as the others? I went shopping and things were too expensive to buy right after a move, so with wondering how I would replace the stockings I thought to crotchet them would be the fastest substitutes. I never made a stocking before so there were several mistakes and I had to do them over and over.
 Kristen's and Jared's above
Mine along with Christopher's below.
I had to make five stockings quick. I worked at a call center so I was able to crotchet all day while I answered calls. People kept trying to buy them from me and I said no every time. It was later that Ralph found the Christmas stockings and now I display both sets each year.I display the ones I made on a plate rack that I hang on it's side. This year I bought stocking holders for the original set. 

And now...
My favorite Christmas ornament!
The prettiest shoe I have ever seen I would love to wear something like that but it would only work in a Cinderella world just like glass slippers.

Thank you for visiting my Christmas holiday posts. Merry Christmas.

December 22, 2011

The Christmas Breakfast Table

Centerpieces are done and the menu planned. Now to decide to use the red satin drape or the white linen? 
It looked so dark.
I love cardinal birds.

Pepper goes in the two hole and salt goes in the three hole shaker.
Hmm, let's try the white tablecloth, let's do the small one and 
give it a simple and attractive look for breakfast.

                                                                   Yes, much better.

We are set and we are happy.
Now for Christmas morn to come...
I have to get my Santa-rette hat ready. I have worn this hat every Christmas day for the past twelve or fifteen years. I love my hat. I will post it on Christmas for you to see. Hee,hee.

The Ugly Sweater Contest

Okay, I said I would and I did. I was asked to participate in The Ugly Sweater Contest I came up with so many ideas then my schedule at work changed that I was getting off at 10:30 PM. I am three days late in turning in my pictures of what I put together. Here goes...
I made an apron from wrapping paper, held it up with duck tape, 
made a belt and the apron straps from glitter ribbon. (Hey, I am wearing a sweater, right?)
The duster is made with greenery from a real Christmas fir garland, pine cones, red round bells, and a lovely glitter flower.
My wristlet is also real greenery with small ornaments
....and the corsage, well, ribbon and another flower and don't forget the flower in my hair. 
The cupcakes are ornaments, too. 
It was fun and thank you for waiting for me to join the contest. Merry Christmas everyone!
Go to lifesabanter.blogspot.com to see the other competitors.
Remember you saw it from my blog, you dear sweet thing.
(Vote for me, shhh)



December 21, 2011

The Wedding at Beyond The Screen Door

I thought I had seen all the ideas for weddings then I visited Beyond The Screen Door, and lingered in the visit. "This one is my favorite", then I saw that one and said, "This one is my favorite!" So many favorites and such great pictures. Congratulations, Courtney and Drew. May your life continue to be beautiful with God's blessings. 

Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures and for including this one where family gathered to pray for Courtney and Drew, for prayer is what builds a strong marriage. Everything was simply beautiful.


December 20, 2011

The Reason For The Season is WHAT?

One of Christopher's friends gave him a Christmas card that made me laugh. 
The front of the card, in big holiday letters, says...
On the inside the card says...

In written script R.S. states what is the "REAL" reason for the season

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