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July 31, 2013

Casual Girl

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This look is casual and cool for the hot summer days. Mints, turquiose, whites and blues. Looks like something you probably have in your closet. Did I tell you that I really like your style.
Casual Girl
The Apostolic Woman

Just enjoying being with my friends.

God bless you.

July 29, 2013

Black Lace and Red, En Amor Otra Vez

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Nothing gets my attention as does black Spanish lace. I absolutely love it as my favorite of all styles. I have Spanish and Brazillian lace as well as just black lace. I have a particular reason why I favor Spanish lace, my paternal grandmother's family comes from Spain and I am very proud for that part of my ancestry. They came with the Conquistadores as priests and helped build several churches thoughout Mexico. And though I am not of the same belief, I am glad to know my family's history. My paternal grandfather was first in our family to become an Apostolic back in the days when tent-meetings were sweeping across the southwest. Someone set-up a tent in Artesia, New Mexico, and the Word came to the Espinoza family. Before Grandfather passed away, he gathered his family around him and told my father that the Lord showed him that his children would live for the Lord and that he would see them in heaven. My dad was thirteen at the time and just a boy not married. I never met my grandfather but his prayers have kept me regardless of whatever came my way. Bottled tears; who says God doesn't have a favorite scent? Well, back to Spanish lace and how beautiful it is (smile) it is my favorite fashion.

Blonda negro con rojo. Aye' que lindo.
Black & Spanish Red
The Apostolic Woman

Just enjoying being with my friends.
God bless you.

July 26, 2013

A Quiet Beauty is Blush

One of my favorite colors is the color, blush. I love the shyness of the word and the touch of delicate softness it stirs within my feminine heart . A pretty compliment to a quiet beauty is blush.

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A cream colored lace shell would add to the beauty of this blouse.

Women's Bvlgari Rose Essentielle Eau de Parfum, 3.4 oz.
                    Max Kibardin Franca Glitter Heels             Ted Baker TITIANA - Patent matinee purse

Thank you for the visit
Stay close to your friends.
God bless you. 

July 13, 2013

A New Kid On The Block

Well, Okay. It's not a "New kid on the Block" but more along the lines of a new blog for the, Ahem, kid, Me! You can visit my new blog and see what I have been up to. Sometimes you will see a repeated post but I plan to fill the blog with a more rustic look. Click on the picture below and see for your self just what is going on over there. Hope you like it and decide to follow me. Keep an eye for the third blog to be completed soon. Why three, you ask? Well, It will be a total of four blogs (WHAT!). Well, I have kept a message by Brother Myers, "Dreams Come By a Multitude of Business." I am keeping busy to build my business and still waiting on my dreams. Say a prayer and breathe an Amen. I will do the same. (Oh, by the way, I designed the blog myself. Nothing fancy just more relaxed)

Maestro! Drum roll, please. Well maybe a banjo might be better in this case. (He-he-hee)

Click on the picture below and the unveiling begins.

Stay close to your friends!
 And God bless you.

July 12, 2013

There's a New Name Written Down in Glory

Eva's husband, Tom, was baptized tonight in the precious name of Jesus. Oh, we were so happy to see another one in our family to live for God. I am posting the pictures that Kristen took so Tom and Eva's kids can see and know that Tom's name will be in the Lamb's Book of Life. I know God answered Eva's prayers for her husband Tom. God will continue to answer the prayers for their families as they grow in God. It just goes to show how great is our God!

Pastor Garrett asking Tom, "What is your last name?"
"Bremner", came his reply.
Calling on the name of Jesus
I call this picture the Tidal Wave, but really it's where all our sins get washed away!
In this picture the first thing Tom did was smile and look at his wife.
So much joy!
This picture was taken after the baptism with Carol, myself, Mom, Eva and Tom.

Friend, may all your prayers be answered as you continue to take them to the Lord. 
God bless you and stay close.

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