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March 11, 2016

Danielle's Wedding Cake

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I was asked to decorate the wedding cake for my niece, Danielle.
Kristen styled hair for the bride and the mother of the bride while I was decorating the cake.
I combed my mom's hair.
The bride was beautiful. We enjoyed being with the family in a little old country church. 

Have a wonderful day,

March 07, 2016

I Miss My Garden

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Ralph and I used to plant a vegetable garden each year. Oh,  I just loved to get out there and dig and weed each box. We had planted trees that I had espaliered to make a fencing separating the garden from the remainder of the yard. In the center of the that "fence" Ralph had placed an arbor for me and I planted sweetpea vines in the pretty pinks, white and lavender. Ralph planted an apple tree and set a swing bench underneath it for us.; we would sit and enjoy watching the kids play. You might find this hard to believe, but our chickens would come and sit at our feet just the way a dog or cat would do and often we picked them up and petted them, too.

You are probably wondering why I am thinking about my garden. Well, I had to run to Home Depot the other day and as I was coming out of the store I smelled the pink Jasmin and I just followed the scent.
I spent an hour and a half in the garden area and didn't even realize it.           
I bought Kristen some lavender as a surprise for when came home from visiting with friends.
I looked at seed packs trying to decide which ones to plant. I kept browsing and dreaming...
I really miss my old garden but I am going start  a new garden.

Have a wonderful day, 

March 05, 2016

What A Wonderful World

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Well, she loved the gifts. Reyna's baby shower is taking place as I am typing this post and my sister, Rosenet (her mom) is sending the pictures to me since I could not make it to the party.
I added baby boy socks on clothes pins instead of a ribbon tie. And everyone who took diapers were entered in a drawing. Who knows it might be an all expense paid trip to Starbucks; I love their tea.
Every one was asked to take a story book for Wyatt, I sent "What a Wonderful World" a book written based on the song.
Isn't that the most darlingest cake? 
The party theme was, A PEA in a Pod.
I am glad to share these pictures with you. You can see more pictures of the baby blankets here.

Have a wonderful day,

March 02, 2016

Aiello's East Coast Italian

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Just had dinner...
I found the quaintest little place for Italian dining, Aiello's. The owner,  Joe Aiello, came to our table and introduced himself. His New York accent was clear to me that I asked him where he was from. He looked at me and said he lost that New York accent a long time ago (no,  it's still there).
The restaurant is on the corner of 7th St and Thunderbird Rd. Three different restaurants in a row and owned by Mr. Aiello: Aiello's, Isa's Pizza and Charr an American Burger bar. We ate on the patio of Aiello's and noticed Mr. Aiello goes from one restaurant to the other making sure everyone is enjoying themselves.
Kristen and I split the linguini fradiavolo. For dessert, we had real tiramisu, the kind that makes you withdraw your fork from your mouth slowly to savor every creamy bite.
Mr. Aiello came back to our table with a container that had numbers in it from 1 through 90. We called out a number and if he rolled out that number dinner was on the house. Well, all I can say it was well worth it at any cost.

Thank you for the visit,
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