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March 05, 2016

What A Wonderful World

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Well, she loved the gifts. Reyna's baby shower is taking place as I am typing this post and my sister, Rosenet (her mom) is sending the pictures to me since I could not make it to the party.
I added baby boy socks on clothes pins instead of a ribbon tie. And everyone who took diapers were entered in a drawing. Who knows it might be an all expense paid trip to Starbucks; I love their tea.
Every one was asked to take a story book for Wyatt, I sent "What a Wonderful World" a book written based on the song.
Isn't that the most darlingest cake? 
The party theme was, A PEA in a Pod.
I am glad to share these pictures with you. You can see more pictures of the baby blankets here.

Have a wonderful day,


  1. I absolutely loved the gifts you sent. Many gifts will become keepsakes that Wyatt and I will cherish. Thank you very much, I am very blessed to have an amazing family.



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