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August 31, 2013

Simple and Elegant

Modest eleganance.

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Simple and Elegant
The Apostolic Woman

Have blessed day,

August 29, 2013

Vintage Shopping Day

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Vintage Shopping
Apostolic Woman


August 28, 2013

Two Styles "One" Dress

This dress is actually a short dress where I used a second dress to give a tiered look. I have done similar with my own clothes: bought two blouses to make the second one a skirt. I had cut off the arms and neckline and added an elastic waistband and I had so many compliments on that outfit that if I ever need a skirt to match a top I just buy two.

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Two Styles One Dress
The Apostolic Woman
Two Styles One Dress by darlenepayan featuring a leather purse

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I enjoy being with my friends.
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August 24, 2013

Orange Fashion In The Mirror

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Orange U in the Mirror
The Apostolic Woman

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I enjoy being with my friends.
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August 22, 2013

Sugar Bomb Birthday Cake

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It was Jared's birthday and I wanted to bake a cake. He asked for a creamsicle cake. I never baked one before but I found one of the easiest recipes that I thought I'd give it a try. And since this cake required very few ingredients I thought I could just whip it up in no time. One boxed cake mix and Crush soda (I should have stopped right there).

Then I began to add this and that and made it more time consuming. It took three boxes of cake mix, 2 boxes of pudding mix and frostings. (The first layer did not have pudding)
You can find the recipe here.

Although, I altered it a bit. I added 4 more ounces of soda and one small box of vanilla pudding to each cake mixture. Once it was done baking I put vanilla orange flavored wafers in between the layers and sprinkled crushed walnuts on top.

Now, I am one of those moms that never, never let my kids lick the beaters. This is what they hear me say when they ask for one, "No! It's raw egg and that's dangerous." But this cake does not have any egg so I swiped one of the beaters with my finger; tasted exactly like a creamsicle. Oh, I was so excited. This is going to be great!

This is how it looked when I added the orange Crush.
Follow the recipe for baking instructions but add the vanilla pudding mix or it will turn out as a thin layer instead of a moist layer. I know from experience, just take a look at the first layer then at the second layer.

First layer of cake with frosting then a layer of the vanilla wafers.Spread frosting on top to fill the cracks between each cookie. Now, you know why this was a sugar bomb.
Another layer of frosting, cake and cookies. I had three layers of cake by the time I was done. Whew!
Next time I will do all without the wafers (It was sugared at the extreme levels). Jared said, "The cake was great, Mom. I had to drink a lot of milk with it but it was great!" My niece stated that it was a diabetic attack in the making. (Ahem-hem, I was able to eat one bite.)

Quite surprisingly, it did taste like a creamsicle. Enjoy with a glass of milk.

Have a blessed day,

August 20, 2013

Enchiladas The Way My Mom Made Them

There are times when I want to eat something that stir up the tastes of my childhood: dinners for a family with sixteen kids, something that reminds me of Mom in the kitchen making homemade tortillas and chile con queso (Aye' que sabroso).  Let me share a taste of home with you, my mom's enchilada recipe. We make our own enchilada sauce. I made cheese enchiladas to show and share the sauce recipe. Enjoy to your heart's content.
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Enchilada Sauce

*3T New Mexico “Hot” chili powder (it is a powder and not the crushed chilies)
3/4 C. broth

*2T New Mexico “Hot” chili powder
3/4 C. broth

½ C. flour
¾ C. cooking oil
2 C. broth
Meat of your choice cooked and shredded
(For a vegatarian recipe I use hashbrowns)
9 corn tortillas
Garlic Salt

Cheese, olives, cilantro,
Green onion diced.

Set oven at 400°
*In a sm. mixing bowl, mix 3T. chili powder with broth to make a slightly runny paste, as the consistency of tomato sauce. Do the same for the 2T. Set aside.*

Have your whisk ready.
In a deep cooking pan heat the oil (real hot) then add flour and whisk until all flour is broken up and runny. Add 2 C. broth stirring until the flour mixture comes to a rolling boil. Remove from heat.

Add the 3T. chili powder mixture and broth. Using a cooking spoon stir until all the sauce is red. You will notice it is tannish-red in color. Return low heat continue stirring for about five minutes.

Add the 2T. chili powder to the sauce as this will redden the sauce. Add the garlic and salt to taste.

Heat setting on simmer.

Helpful hint: The sauce will thicken just sitting, so stir every time you spoon out for the next layer of tortillas and add broth or water if it becomes too thick to spread. Some people roll their enchiladas, I do not; the sauce is too hot and it burns my fingers. So, I just lay the tortillas flat.
Coat a baking dish with cooking spray. Pour enough of the enchilada sauce to completely cover the bottom of the pan then add first layer of tortillas. Spoon sauce over tortillas, add the cheese and meat. Repeat for the next two layers. On the top layer, pour extra sauce to fill the gaps and have a smooth top. Cover with a lot of cheese, olives, cilantro, and green onions.

Bake covered for 30-45 minutes. Serves four.

Enjoy the taste that I grew up with when my mom cooked real Mexican food. Ole’

Have a blessed day, friend.

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Six Sisters Strut Your Stuff

Friday Night At West Coast, Beautiful in Evening Black

It has been said that every woman should have a black dress; I have a few. Wear black and look taller, more elegant and more beautiful. I have one sister who has over seventy-five black skirts in her closet and none are alike. The Espinoza's have always collected black as fashionable dress. You can see as to why we are drawn to black for it carries it's own sophistication simply in the color. No intimidation, it steps forward and commands the room.
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Evening Black
The Apostolic Woman

I'm enjoying being with my friends.
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God bless you.

August 17, 2013

Thursday Night At West Coast

Royal Blue and leopard. Stay warm during the November chill with this beautiful wool coat. The Apostolic woman, she is both modest and lovely.

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Thursday at West Coast
The Apostolic Woman

Thank you for stopping by,
I enjoy being with my friends.
God Bless,
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