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May 31, 2014

Faith, Faith, Faith, Just a Little Bit of Faith

Faith graduated from ASU! This beautiful girl has made quite an accomplishment with a Bachelor's degree in Communications.

So, Maestro, the song, please.

Faith, Faith, Faith, just a little bit of Faith.

Faith, Faith, Faith, just a little bit of Faith.

You don't need a whole lot,

Just use what you've got.

Faith, Faith, Faith,

Just a little bit of Faith.
Congratulations, dear Faith!
ASU 2014.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.

Pictures: Kristen at Vie Amoureuse

May 29, 2014

Royal Stream

Just pour out a stream of royal blue and you've got "Beautiful" in mass measures.
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Royal Stream
The Apostolic Woman

So glad you stopped by for a visit.
Have a blessed day,

May 26, 2014

When You Dream

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Kristen came to my room for a morning chat. She asked if I was still going to the Memorial Day services? "Yes."

I told her of one place where there will be a canon salute used instead of rifles. "I want to see the 21 Gun Salute", I said.
(Seven persons each firing three rounds, 21 Gun Salute)

"I love to hear when Taps is played", I said.
"It's hard for me," she said, "It makes me want to cry."
(He is a veteran, but played Taps for many who had fallen during his tour)

"That is the reason why I go, it moves me and makes me want to cry; I don't ever want to forget and I don't ever want to be at a place where my heart is not moved."

At the memorial service the speaker read a "Just In Case" letter. It was written a couple of years ago by Jessie A Gibbons, a soldier, to his six year old daughter. Unfortunately, it was delivered.

"I will always be at our park when you dream, so we can play. And I hope someday you can understand why I didn't come home..."

I will always go to the Memorial Day services. I think it's the least I can do to say "Thank you" to America's heroes.

I have a brother who served in the Army. He was stationed in Germany and thank the Lord, Victor returned home. Thank you, Big Brother. You are an American Hero. I love you. 

God bless every one who served our country.
And, thank you for sharing this day with me.

Summer Breeze

For a perfect summer day, I would love to wear this caftan.  I love how the stripes enhance the gracefulness of this style. I would want to spend my day outside with you enjoying the summer breeze.
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Summer Breeze

The Apostolic Woman

Have a wonderful day!

May 23, 2014

Cheetah Elegance

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One of my many favorite colors, and very nearer the top of the list of favorites, is the color mint. It is a color of flowing soothness and putting together with this cheetah print top is gorgeously wonderful. Simply, cheetah elegance.

Cheetah Elegance
The Apostolic Woman

Thank you for visiting with me.
Have a blessed day.

May 19, 2014

Blessings with Market On The Move

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Every Saturday is a great time to buy fresh fruits and vegetables for only 10.00 a box. The produce comes from grocery stores when the shipment is more than what the supermarket can handle. Normally, the overstock gets sent to a landfill since the grocer cannot return it to the warehouse. Market on the Move is able to collect the overstock and sell it to the public for 10.00 a box. Locations and information can be found here.
(Ahem, excuse me, but I couldn't resist a fresh tomato)
Speaking of tomatoes, there were so many I was able to share with my neighbors.
On the vine, Roma, garden and grape tomatoes.

I hope this was a post you found helpful :-) 
and thank you for the visit.

May 17, 2014

Spring Sophisticate for The Apostolic Woman

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Soft and feminine with pink, cream and lace. Beautiful!

Spring Sophisticate

The Apostolic Woman

Thank you for the visit.
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