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July 11, 2013

I Am Feeling So Blue Today

Simple but nice. Just a blue day for sharing and helping my friends in developing a blog. No, I am not a professional designer. I am just like you wanting to surround myself with lovely things. Feel free to copy the So Blue collection for yourself in your header or labels.

The header, template and site Bella Rissah is the property of the web owner, me. It is not to be copied and is not available for use.You are welcomed to use any of the other headers and accessories as my gift to you. Please do not make any changes to the designs. Please do not sell them. Please do not remove my logo from any image. A reference back to my blog would be nice.

The header gadget is in the layout screen and does not require any HTML changes unless you are a web designer that uses all the codes. Otherwise I would advise you not to tamper with the HTML to your blog/web site.

A bright aqua color.
 If you prefer frosted vintage.

Blue, brown and touches of pink floral.
Labels for your sidebar that you can write on.
A button for the bottom of your post.
Friends are welcomed here.

Thank you for stopping by today; it was so much fun.
God bless,


Disclosure: This is a free option and not being offered as a professional web/blog-designer. Changing your header is entirely your decision and not the responsibility of any other person not connected to your blog/web. Failure of changing your template HTML is the responsibility of the blog/web owner and in statement above it explained this is not a HTML but a picture-image that can be uploaded in the "Save As" category. Quoted text, "I would advise you not to tamper with the HTML of your blog/web site."

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