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July 05, 2013

What About This Little Guy?

Groovin Harley

Kristen put this little guy together for Chelsie's baby shower. It was so much fun watching her do all the work. Just kidding, I helped with "Hold this", "Don't move", and "Mom, what do you think?"
James Dean you are not but you are really cute!
She used a spring-form pan to make the wheels.
Still too loose need to make them jam-packed.
Do it again placing the tread to look evenly all the way around.
Before you remove from the pan use a large rubber band to hold the diapers in place.
Make the spokes using blue ribbon.
Start with a pin to keep the ribbon in place.
Now, to make the tire, use wide black ribbon.
One done and another to go. 
Neatly roll one receiving blanket and insert through the back tire and bring toward the front tire.
Let it hang out enough to make the foot rest on each side.
Roll the second receiving blanket and insert through the front tire taking it toward the top of the tire. This make the handlebars.
Insert rolled black socks as hubcap.
Pull the blanket and insert through a teething ring to grasp the handlebars.
A headlight! Yes, it's a baby bottle wrapped with a washcloth. Cute huh? I told you this was fun.
Bring the handle bars down a bit.
Another pair of black socks for the hand grippers.
Now all we need to do is dress up the little guy in his Harley shirt, shoes, glasses and he be one cool looking dude. You can see the added items in the first picture wearing the "Harley Davidson" shoes, backpack and the bibs on the tires.
Still not finished. Hmm, what to do with all the extra supplies?
I The wagon Kristen made but it was darling with Lollypop blankies, washcloths, diapers, bottles and the box. Kristen wrapped the box and put caster wheels then tide ribbon from the box to the bike. Groovin Harley delivered a diaper cake to the shower.
That's how I feel about it, too!
And Chelsie, well she loved it! She said she will never take it apart even if she needed diapers for the baby.

Wow! That was quite the project Kristen had on her hands. I am so glad to show you how it came together.Thanks for stopping by.
God bless.

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