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July 06, 2013

And They Just Disappeared Right Before My Eyes

 Where did all the people go, for they just disappeared right before my eyes! And that, my friend, gave my picture a whole new look. Cloning a picture can add or remove something I don't want in the picture and then I can see only what I want to see. Just as in the pictures of Groovin Harley from the previous post I was able to do a little bit of adjusting here and a brush there and now I have a new picture of the little guy. 

We started out looking like this, Groovin Harley in a crowd of people at a baby shower.
The people are still visible with the blue background.
But not anymore. I tinted the blue twice, saved, and cloned a nice blue spot to cover the picture and then, "Whalla" everyone was gone.
I have talked about the clone tool from PicMonkey on previous posts but I just wanted to show you a little more of the possibilities for your pictures. 

Now, for the other part of...
"They just all disappeared right before my eyes"

My sister, Olga, makes the best-ever pumpkin newtons. This is a real treat for me because I love the flavor. They are were simply dee-lee-cee-oso!! Oh, I just cloned and typed away, minding my own little business.
I took a look at the plate and then gasped, "I couldn't have eaten that many, right Smiley" but no one else was here to blame. I am just really glad no one saw how many were on the plate before I...
Oh well, I shared the pictures and wished I could have shared the newtons with you, too.
Now, don't look at me that way. You would have had a hard time keeping yourself from eating these pumpkin flavored treats. Did I say pumpkin? Oh, bless my soul and "ALL" that is "WITHIN ME" for they were mighty good. Thank you for stopping by. Ahem, next time I will share a treat with you while we visit.(He-he-he)
God bless.

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