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December 24, 2011

No Room For A King

The Inn was filled with the hustle and bustle of the locals as they made every accommodation for visitors but not for Him. "No room", was the reply they heard as they trudged along trying to find a place where they may find some privacy and rest for the time had come for her to deliver her child. 
The pains begun to get closer and he heard her try to contain another "Uuhhh". He has got to do something find someplace for her to lie down. Another inn, knock,knock. "We have no room", he heard once more. Another pain, "Uuhhh", as her stomach became hard with another contraction. Mixed with the sense of urgency and concern, Joseph turned looked at Mary then turned back to the inn-keeper and asked once more, "Any place, please, my wife is about to have the baby and she needs to rest!" The man looked at Mary as another contraction hit and with a sense of compassion for the young mother-to-be he said, "You can use the stable, you and your wife." There was room in a stable for the King of Kings who was about to be born into this world. He did not make a grand entrance but came meek and lowly as the promise was fulfilled.
Unto us a child is born, unto us a child is given... Isaiah 9:6

Merry Christmas
From Kristen, myself, Jared, Christopher, and my mom, Aurora Espinoza. May your 2012 be filled with the blessings of the Lord for you and your families.

We will be joining my church in a time of devotion and consecration as we do at the start of each year, during this time I will be renewing my commitments, dedications, and soul searching desiring a closer a walk with the Lord. We will visit again, soon, in the new year.
"Lord, there is room in my heart for the King. I want You to see that I love You most, longing for a closer walk with You. Draw me nearer, Lord." 

p.s. You will still see my hat tomorrow. I did not want to share this post with anything but the real reason for Christmas and things of the Lord.

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