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December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve Dinner At The Arizona Biltmore

 On Christmas Eve, my children and I go out to dinner since relatives come to town 
for Christmas Day. This year we went to Wright's at the Arizona Biltmore for dinner.
It feels so good to do something special together for the holidays.

  I take one present to dinner and they open it at the restaurant. Kristen did not wait for the picture to be taken so I only have my sons as they opened their gift.

Christopher was having such a good time, we all were.

Now, I wear a Santa hat each year, sometimes I will go shopping with it on, but I wear it 
as the gifts are passed along Christmas morning and I sing to my kids, "On the Twelfth Day 
of Christmas, my mother gave me...", and I wait until the package is open and I end the song.
 In our house we do the Twelve Days of Christmas. I shop all year long and buy little 
things and on Christmas Day is when I give their main gift. We have so much fun. Kristen
gave me pink roses along with her gift. Oh, they are so pretty and smell so good.

Until next year, God bless you.


  1. Awww, I just love the hat. It makes you look so festive! I think I need one of those. It would just split the kids' sides wide open! hahaha.

  2. Love to visit your blog...
    Love it and the pictures are wonderful, not to mention the music I enjoy whenever I have a minute to visit...
    I love you and please I know your prayers are heard from God, keep us in your daily prayers... As always I love you...And have the best birthday ever...
    Your sister Eva



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