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June 02, 2014

Life More Abundantly

I am so pleased to share with you that I have started my own business and want to also share with you one of the essential's for our healthier lives.

I have had many opportunities to take one road or another and give this or that a try but could not afford to invest in a mistake and then later regret it. Who can? Now, I decided that I found something I can do and do it with all my heart because I already know of the benefits that are available in these products that I don't have to worry nor am embarrassed to tell you the wealth I found in taking care of myself.

As you may already know, I am interested in the healthier way of living: fruits and vegetables, smoothies, exercise, cut the sugar, very little bit of red meat (I do eat red meat but in small quantities, since I don't want to give it up entirely), drink more water, and I am happy. Yes, being happy is good for your health and mine.

One way of taking care of myself is Kristen and I use natural products most of the time. Kristen has her recipes for going "Al Naturale" and we use essential oils in those recipes.

Lately, for bed, I have been using peppermint oil on my neck, temples, in my hair, shoulders, and feet. I turn on the ceiling fan and go to sleep. I do this to get a restful nights sleep, a cool sleep. Have you put a couple of mints in your mouth and then breathed in through your mouth? A cool feeling, right? That is why I have been putting on the doTerra peppermint oil. I also noticed my hair has more volume and is healthier. I am monitoring it for thickness and re-growth. There are many benefits to all the essential oils but I am just speaking of the peppermint oil. It's my favorite!

A co-worker's doctor told her that she has an infection in her fatty cells and all they could do was give her itching cream, steriods and cortizone. No cure. She went to a specialist and was told it's an inflamation in the fatty cells and nothing can be done. Just use a specific cream to help with the itching. Yes, they gave her prescriptions for steroids. Uh, "No thank you."

I took the doTerra peppermint oil to work and shared with everyone I could. My co-worker put it on her leg with a few of us watching and we just sat back. This happened right in front of our eyes.

(This is before doTerra)

With one use of the doTerra peppermint oil, her leg began to look so much better.
(This was after doTerra)

I asked her to keep taking daily pictures.

She started using the doTerra frankincense oil...

And the dry skin is starting to peel.

So, now I am using the peppermint oil on my back to penetrate in to the area of where I have the most pain. I also rub it on my stomach. I found it is helping me with other issues that I have been dealing with and am seeing good results.

I wanted to use a name for the business that referred to my life in living for God with a scripture reference. The name of my business is, Life More Abundantly. Click here

Visit my site and see what benefits using the right Essential Oils can do for your better overall, Um...life, more abundantly. Try doTerra for yourself.

Need I say more?


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