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October 08, 2011

Farmer Boy and Cattails

Finally, I can mark two thinks off my check list, 1. I unpacked the Little Farmer Boy, and 2. I stopped at the floral warehouse where we buy most of our flowers for my autumn centerpiece. I prefer to use items that will dry and still look great. The dark cattails and natural copper beach leaves bring together the earthy tones that set off the green and red berries.
The spikey cattails so dark and furry brown and black.
I found Autumn at my table. 
I love pomegranates for decorations. I used artificial fruit but everything else is real.
The Italian goblet's color is called Mango. The sorbet cups are Carnival glass.
Maple leaf, salt and pepper shakers were a gift from Kristen a few years ago.
I use them every year.

And the Little Farmer Boy? 
Here he is!

Thank you for the visit, 
From my house to yours,


1 comment:

  1. Hi Dar, Hey saw your beautiful table setting, wow, that looooooks so wonderful. I also up with the other blogs that are on your website, I really enjoy all they share with us. The homes and lots of recipes. I now know how to make corn chowder. which i got from one of the blogs that are with yours. I enjoy the different decorations, and that lovely couple that will be married in Feb of 1012, I would assume that they are from your church. anyway just wanted to let you know I love it. ok talk to you soon., love you rose



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