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March 03, 2012

Science Fair Night

Christopher had his Science Fair Night and it was a success. He bought flammable fabric, Borax, boric acid, alcohol, and lighters. His project was Fire Vs. Chemistry. He mixed the Borax and boric acid to make a fire retardant solution and convert the fabric into a non-flammable material.
He explained how the alcohol saturated fabric burned immediately because it was not protected but the fabric he treated in the Borax/ boric acid solution when dipped in alcohol does not burn because it has become fire resistant. 

Victoria demonstrates her project to Tina Robson. 

Ryan demonstrates how Atoms leaves gaps that are filled with airspace. You can see the space between the golf balls and also in the pellets.

Sammy demonstrates how an almost weightless steel wool becomes heavy when a 9 volt battery burns the air out.

Makayla demonstrated how the lining in soda-cans can erode if it were not for the protective sheet. She showed a piece of aluminum that was full of erosion because she scraped off the lining. Eww, I don't want to drink anything from a can. Oh! Wait a minute, I DON'T drink anything from a can.

And me? Well, they put me to work. I was rolling out the dough for Indian fried bread tacos.

Sister Aguirre, myself, Jackie in the background and Sister Rubio. We had a great time working together. My arms were sore though, we rolled out 30 lbs of masa (tortilla dough) it was work, my friend, it was work. 
You may remember the post I wrote about Christopher being a junior in high school and the work I will be involved in? Several parents got together and cooked up the tacos as a fund raiser for the class Junior/Senior trip at the end of the year. Click on the picture below and you can read the original post.
and Kristen, well she lost my keys and...

she found them.
(She may have lost my keys but notice in both pictures how she never let go of her phone?)

Amy Gardner: Kristen and my keys

I apologize for not taking more pictures of the many projects that were on display, all were wonderful and deserved being recognized. I went to the food-court and set to work but if you are from Christopher's school at Glendale Christian Academy, I will be more than happy to post your project. 
Just email the pictures and describe your project
With love, Me.

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