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June 24, 2012

Apricot Croissants

I enjoy Sunday mornings with my children. Or, perhaps I should say, I enjoy waking my children and having breakfast ready for them on Sunday mornings. I have my sideboard set up with plates, napkins, and something they can eat after they have gotten themselves ready for church. Today, I made apricot croissants from the apricot jam I made the other day. You can read the original post here, Chabacan.

Leave space around the edges for a clean roll-up or the jam will run out the sides. Bake at 350° for approximatly 18 minutes or until browned (Cooking time is longer due to the apricot filling).

While it is hot sprinkle with powdered sugar and set on a lovely tart plate. I have a pink depression tart plate that I purchase for my hope-chest back when I was just a young girl. It is so pretty and I have kept it all these years.

Are those Poppy's?
Yes, the creamer and sugar set are Chikaramachi.

 The Daily Bread scriptures in something pretty, I put them in the small vase, Noritake.
 I am protected every day and every hour.
The table runner I bought at an estate sale, the runner, tablecloth and napkins all for 10.00 (YAY!!)

It's a good thing I made extra on a separate plate, these were gone by the time I looked for them.
Enjoy your Sunday and thank you for the visit.

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