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September 03, 2012

Mason Jars and Green Tea-Bag Cookies

The Espinoza Family Reunion has come and gone. Our loved ones are traveling back home and it was sad to see them go.

The events were:
Saturday, a day at the park.
Sunday in the morning, many went bowling dressed in 50's style.
Sunday dinner was at The Rustler's Roost and the dress up theme was Western.
Monday, breakfast and farewells.

For Sunday's events I do not have any pictures to post, but I will post pictures from the day at the park and Monday's breakfast.
I love this picture of my mom laughing as we were talking to my brother, Ismael.

We had a wonderful time at the park and took many pictures to share with our families and friends. We were able to spend time with two of my dad's sisters, one of which I had only seen once when I was but a child. The volley ball game was played and I won't say which side won but the score was 21-3. There was so much food!! And would you believe it, we had an old fashioned way of making tortillas, FRESH and HOMEMADE tortillas, on the grill and on a comar (which is a cast iron griddle). We all participated in the cooking and in the eating, too. (Okay, stop right there! No more on that subject; I start my diet again on Tuesday. Wink!)
My sisters, Olga, Eva, Hortencia and my mom and I prepared the departure gifts. Mason Jars filled with homemade goodies and green tea bag cookies.

The "Green-Tea" bags cookies are made using a sugar cookie recipe that is refrigerated for a minimum of two hours or overnight. Then rolled out and shaped with a tea bag template (You have to make your own). After the cookies are baked then take a straw and make the hole. Once they are cooled dip into Candy Quick chocolate. You need embroidery string, labels, baggies and ties. The labels were made with the help of my good friend, Adrienne from Married My Love and the baggies and ties are from Hobby Lobby.

 Olga and Eva baked the cookies in the jars and I, the brownies.
With Adrienne's wonderful machine, the Cameo, and Adrienne's love and talent with paper designs, these labels were made for the mason jars. The ribbon was purchased at Walmart.

For those who did not make it, We really missed you and wished you here with us; you were what we needed to make this a perfect family reunion.
We love everyone of you, dearly.



  1. Wao!! i love the idea you pack cookie like tea bag, looks eye candy!

  2. It was a pleasure helping you, I love doing these kind of projects and they turned out perfect :)

    1. Thank you, again. Really, I could not have accomplished the look I wanted if it were not for your help. Everyone raved about it. Love you.



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