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May 28, 2013

It Was Good To See You Again

My mother was in the hospital and several family members came to Phoenix to visit her and let her know they cared and loved her.
Christopher, Mom, Jared and Kristen.

Eva, Tom, Carol, Olga, Mom, Rose and myself.

It has been several years that all six sisters have been together. Here we are in a group picture with my brothers Carlo and Victor. How I wish the pictures were a bit more clear but I truly am grateful to have these.

My sister-in-law Grace and Fred Jr., Carol, Victor, Rose, Olga, Eva and her husband Tom, Ray (Olga's husband) Kristen, myself  and my two boys, Jared and Christopher.

Ismael and his daughter Angelica.

Thank you to all that came and to those that couldn't make it, you were with us in heart.


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