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September 28, 2013

De La Rosa

One of my co-workers let me try one of these God-sent creations and I was hooked. I wanted to know where, how much and how many per box, etc. Well, she is such a dear-heart that she bought me a box full. Before I even said thank you I opened one and popped it in my mouth (how embarrassing, I do have manners!) I laughed at being embarrassed, gave her a hug and said thank you. Once you taste these little babies, well, that's when you'll know how good they really are. My, my, my word!

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After just one bite I began to imagine what I could bake with these little Mexico candies. Oh, it tastes wonderful! It has the taste of a Butterfinger candy bar without the sticky crunch and chocolate (trust me it does not need the chocolate and that says a lot coming from me, Ms. Chocoholic) and the candy doesn't get stuck in between my teeth.
So, how about putting this little bite of wonderful inside a hot fudge brownie? Or drizzle them with chocolate and top with peanuts or do as I did with whipped cream and make your own little melt-in-your-mouth delight. You can make tiny little pie shells and place one in each and make a peanutbutter pie-ettes. Why not crumble it on top of a pie or ice cream or (Ahem) you can serve it to the ladies at tea or garden party; it will make a lovely presentation. Oh, the list can go on and on. But let me tell you, dear, you are going to love it!

You can find them in most markets that have a Mexican or International aisle. In the Phoenix area you can find them at Food City.

How glad I am that you stopped by for a visit.

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