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November 16, 2013

Sometimes, All I Need Is A Girls-Day Then Everything Is All Right

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Whether it's the ballet, to the mall, restaurants, coffee shops, antique stores or spending hours going through pattern books or pinterest finds, I have no one I'd rather spend it with than with my daughter, Kristen. I finally stopped gripping the dashboard when she's driving (I just pray silently to myself and keep my mind on other distractions). I have so much fun spending time with my daughter that we have a Girls-Day quite often. I can relate with the saying, "My daughter-my best friend". She believes in me, is supportive of me and calls herself my Mini-Me.

Sometimes, when I feel really sad and heartbroken she will just spend a few moments with me caressing my face and just talking her little heart out and we laugh and listen, and at times we are just quiet or decide to a sudden trip to anywhere and that will set everything a-right. Thank God for a girls day every now and then.
My advice is spend some time with your daughter and enjoy it. 

Have a blessed day,

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