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July 05, 2014

A Great Idea for an Island

My mom moved to her new apartment and is now settled in. I took a picture of the "island" in the kitchen because I really liked the idea of what she has in place as an "island".

The kitchen is real small with the sink, stove, dishwasher, microwave on the one side of the kitchen with very little counter space in between the sink and stove; that's it, except for the small space in front of the microwave. The second wall has the door to go outside and next to that on the third wall is the refrigerator and storage cabinets that my brother, Carlo, bought from Ikea, and the fourth side of the kitchen is the entrance from the living room.

When my sister, Carol, was cooking she wanted more counter space so, she used Mom's old sewing machine as an island in the middle of the kitchen. You can see the cutting board on the top of the linen which made for easy storage. Then she added the butter-dish and cow creamer to complete the look for Mom's country kitchen.

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I really like the idea of using the sewing machine as an island.

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  1. This is a great Idea! Thank you Sis for sharing it:)

  2. Hi Courtney, what a pleasant surprise to hear from you. How do you like the new place. We sure do miss you and your family.



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