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February 10, 2012

Bless My Sole

happy valentinesAs you know I work part time at McDonald Floral & Gifts and for us Valentine's week began last week. It is Crazy in the floral world!!! So, I want do my Valentine's post early. I will not be wearing any high heels soon after the holiday, my feet will be sore from the Crazy! Valentine Madness! By the way, did you remember your Valentine? Stop by the crowded shop and we will gladly fill your order. 

Bless my sole, Lord, bless my sole this Valentine holiday. They are going to need a little TLC! Maybe I need a NEW PAIR of shoes! wink-wink! ;-D 

Red is the color of love and I love these shoes!
Okay so! The journey of a thousand miles starts with the NEW Pair of Shoes!! AMEN!!

Pretty Bebe shoes.
Awaaay, in a manger my closet is room for these shoes!! AMEN!!

Guess is my favorite shoe designer!!!!
Better than chocolate is a new pair of GUESS shoes!! AMEN!! Uhh, is that a Spiritual? Well, it is if you consider how happy I am in the Lord! He blessed my sole. Can I get a witness? AMEN!!
I find peace in the midst of a storm tossed life,
With New Shoes on my feet,
I can over come each misery and strife!!

These remind me of a heart. 
Lord, I want a heart after these shoes!! AMEN!!

The Ballerina Red. Amazing!
When I think of these shoes, "I can dance, dance, dance, all night!!"
The Gran Finale
Mmwah, Mmwah, Mmwah!

Lawd, Bless My Sole this Valentine's Day! 
God bless the path you take in your high heels. 
Behold old things are passed away and all things look better in a brand New Pair of Shoes!
Sistah, stand up in ya New Shoes and testify!

Links Embedded Within Each Picture.


  1. I love those red one with the leapord flowers on the from there adorable and the ones that are two down from them there absolutely ADORABLE!!!
    I to think it’s time for shopping *wink wink*
    ~Victoria Anne

  2. We will have to go shopping soon, Uhh, let's see, Easter shoes are next!!

  3. I am not a heel girl,
    but I have always,
    always loved red shoes
    and this just made
    me smile : )

    Happy Valentine's Day,
    xx Suzanne



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