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May 12, 2012

The Hats That Mothers Wear

To all the wonderful women who wear many hats,

The first hat:
The On-The-Job, Mother-at-Work hat. Every day she has to get up see that her children are fed and taken care of. Defender of the home while on her knees in prayer. No job is too tough when it comes to her children; even if her kids are grown adults. Mom is here, (Tatatarahh)! She puts on the pink hard hat and is ready to take a stand as she follows the blueprint in the Word on raising her children in the ways of the Lord. She is building strong towers, pillars of the Faith with Jesus being the Chief Cornerstone her work is not in vain for it gives God the glory and He has promised that she and her household shall be saved.
"Don’t let the color mistake you! This hat is for serious workers only. Soft Pink Hard Hat of high density... Will hold optional accessories such as light, chin strap, pencil holder. OSHA certified. Not a toy. So ladies, there’s nothing stopping you now…look good and keep safe, while working hard." (www.gadgetgrid.com).

The second hat:
She wears this hat to face each situation in life; things look better if you're dressed for the occasion, whether it be a good or perhaps a not so pleasant occasion.

She has it all together.
She will carry herself gracefully.

Her third hat:
The Pink Cabby hat:

Whether she is driving her kids to school, music/voice lessons, work, church, Dr's appointments mom will get you there, although, sometimes she has to drive really fast for you to be on time. (Let us not talk about the stop to Starbucks). No one can drive like mom can when it comes to, "Needing to be somewhere on time" or errands to run.  This ride adventure is one of educating her children, bonding with her children, reminding her children of chores, homework, returning library books, etc. She makes them laugh, smile, listen to her funny stories, and sometimes, she makes them mad at her and the road to where they are going seems longer. Many times she enjoys giving her kids a ride because it gives her time in just listening to her children tell of their dreams, hopes and fears, and they are telling Mom because they can trust her wisdom, support and prayers. Regardless of the drive experience she always says to her children, "I love you. Have a good day", before they get out of Mom's pink taxi.

Every hat that Mother's wear are just for the role she fills in keeping it all together. But she has to switch hats to do this or that.

But, down deep inside her heart we find what her favorite hat is...

Keep scrolling...

Keep scrolling...

Keep scrolling...

For her continual primary position and the one she loves most, is that of the Queen Mum. And might I add, that crown never comes off. Dear, friend, she wears that crown with pride. She is the mother of children and she loves them so.

To all the Queen Mums,
Happy Mother's Day



  1. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY SIS PAYAN! and I hope it's the best one you've had yet
    ~ VictoriaAnne

    1. Thank you, dearest. This morning I heard knocking on doors and everything said in whispers, "Come on", then after the doors opened, "What? Oh, yeah." and then, "Together, one, two, three, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOM! That's how my day started with a wonderful chorus and so much love.

      Please, tell your mom I said, "Happy Mother's Day" to her.

      Love you bunches.

  2. Oh I LOVE this post!! How right you are. Blessings to you!



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