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May 06, 2012

Rocking Chair Make-Over

I have always wanted a white wicker rocker and I found one for twenty dollars. It needed a cushion and it needs touch-ups with paint on a few spots; but it is a real find. I almost gave it away when my kids, Kristen and Christopher, asked why was I giving away their chair. (Huh?)

I found a nice pillow for the back 
and then the seat cushion and fabric at Walmart. The seat cushion had a nice print but I wanted a solid. Clipped off all the labels and set to work.

Measure, clip, and tuck.


Ahh, someone is already making themselves comfortable, I see.

Thank you for visiting again. I always enjoy your company.


  1. Darlene: I enjoyed the old pictures, especially since I was there for so many of them! You''ve come a long way with this and it feels right. Some day when we can get together I have some more pictures for you of our flower ladies recreation of the victorian picture Love you, Sister Melanie P.S. I have some of the most beautiful purple cabbage in my garaden ready to be harvested. They could be centerpieces by themselves, in fact I have used them just placed in the center of my table they are so gorgeous. Come by and I'll give you some.

    1. Thank you, Melanie, for the invitation and the for the visit. I would so love to have a few purple cabbages. I think the centerpiece idea is lovely. We have done so much floral work together that I think the two of us can put something together that we can both enjoy on our tables. What fun! And yes, Dear, you were there for so many pictured events and through many hard times with me. But that's what big sisters are for, right? You know I love you dearly.

      Your little sister,
      Little Bit



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