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November 11, 2012

Fruit and Cottage Cheese Lettuce Wrap

Day Four on the Cabbage Soup Diet

Okay, I weighed myself and lost two pounds, I lost 1/2 inch on my waist and my shoes fit loosely. I was worried since I did not see much progress on the scale earlier (I had only lost one pound before) although my clothes started fitting more comfortably. I am encouraged to continue this journey of finding the lighter side of me.

This is a "High Potassium" day. Yay! I have waited for this day to eat all the fruit I want to eat, Yay!!!
The program says I can eat up to eight bananas but I used other fruits instead and I replaced the skim milk with cottage cheese, cheese and yogurt. To view which other fruits are high in potassium go to Moms Who Think.

Breakfast: 1 Lettuce wrap.
Green leaf lettuce, low fat cottage cheese, cubed orange, sliced strawberries, with shredded cheese.
(It was very good but I should have used iceberg lettuce)
One cup of coffee broth.

Lunch: 1 1/2 C. of mixed fruit mixed with low fat plain Greek yogurt.
Kiwi, blueberries, strawberries, apple, and orange.

Dinner: Cabbage soup topped with shredded cheese and crushed red chilies.

Snack: 2 string cheese packages.

The potassium content in one banana has 422 mg. Times that by the allowed number of bananas, it comes to 3376 mg. As I stated above, I used other fruit instead: 1 C/ blueberries, two large oranges cubed, eight strawberries sliced, two kiwi sliced, 1/2 medium size Gala apple, and one lettuce leaf. Even with all this, I only achieved a potassium intake of 1285 mg. But it was very filling and satisfying.

I was pleased to see I lost two pounds. I am really enjoying the morning cup of the heated broth and am thinking of taking extra to work with me.

This was such a good day. Thank you for stopping by for a visit.



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