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November 10, 2012

Steamy Potatoes

Day Two

I know I will have to be creative to enjoy my meals. So, I will try a few things differently than what might be on the diet. I might replace one item for another or prepare it differently for the sake of something more appealing. For instance, The recipe says you can eat one baked potato, but how about mashing the potato or broth and potato, instead. On the first day I cooked the soup with potatoes and meat, I will eat the cooked potatoes tonight instead of a baked potato.

Breakfast: Cabbage soup smoothie.
I read on the Cabbage Soup Diet site for breakfast you can blend the soup as a juice/smoothie type drink.
I added raw celery and I am counting this as my first bowl of soup of the day. (All I will say is that it was different. Not bad, but different.)

Lunch: Cabbage soup.

Dinner: Cubed potato from the soup with real butter, pepper, and a little bit of the broth. This is flavorful because it was cooked with seasonings and with the butter, Mmm, so good!!

Snack: 7 Almonds

I have been exercising with weights and tummy crunches. I know many people say not to use weights in dieting because it builds muscle, but I always use weights because I want to build muscle; I am getting older and need stronger bones and muscle. If I lose inches then I know it is working. I am looking for a thinner me.

Thank you for sharing my journey on the Cabbage Diet.



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