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April 18, 2012

Farewell to Picnik

I am not a photographer but, since using Picnik, I have found an interest in photography. I was able to be a photo-improving professional in minutes and make the "Just Ok" pictures into really great pictures. I could turn back the clock a few years and edit pictures to give a more youthful look or a richer color, or even a whole different outfit. Layer upon layer or is it "line upon line".

I was able to change the water and give a more 3D effect then turn the water into a pretty blue. There were times when it would take all day to enhance the pictures just because I was having too much fun to stop. It even had a "Thin" tool. I really loved that one. *Wink*

Now, that Picnik has packed away their basket we have to find other avenues for improving our pictures.
I have ventured out to test "New Waters" and found that there other resources BUT still, I favor Picnic. So, here are few I have tried and thought you might like to give your best photos a try in enhancements. You never know, you just might find a new hobby.

Retro Vintage Effects
My very handsome brother, Carlo.

I used the magic wand tool on this picture to bring my sister, Olga, and I closer toward the front of the picture. There are tutorials for each feature, consider it a self-improvement class; it requires a lot of patience for all the redo's, (I have grown to appreciate the "Back" button a whole lot more, lately).

Since, there are many more sites that provide photo enhancements, I think it's best to follow the advice of others such as Love and Pancakes, she gives plenty of help and advice. I think I am going to pay attention, I just might learn something new.

Picnik, you made blogging a way for us bloggers to look good and professional. Thank you.
Farewell, Picnik, farewell.

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