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April 27, 2012

The Prettiest Word


I was asked if I would help out with a group of nesters (newbies) in their final week of training where I would be their quality: monitor and coach. It was a great experience for me, although, I have helped before but in side-by-side where they observe and learn from me without asking any questions of me, this time I was able to direct, point out some helpful tips and then come back and coach. I loved it. I immediately set out to make the group comfortable with me so when I step-up beside them they saw me as "Darlene" who is there to help them and not the "Monitor" who is going to “Ding” them. They all did so well, I felt like "Mom" by the time the week was over. I would say words of encouragement, "Hey, I like the way you helped that person. You are going to do great." The response was always a nod and smile. I said more in praising their hard work than anything else I could have said or done. Then the big day came and they all graduated and received a certificate. I was so proud of them. 

I walked up to the group on the last day, (Mind you, they were all under the age 25) and one young girl spoke up and said, “Darlene, we all voted you to be the first lady we have ever met. You are a lady”, a young man said, “Yeah, you dress and talk like a lady. I guess they're (ladies) suppose to act that way, Idunno know, but you’re a lady.” I smiled, and if you know me, then you will already know, I smiled through teary brimmed-filled eyes. Those statements brought on a burden, “If I am the first lady they ever met, Friend, what are they used to seeing?”

They called me outside of the room after they logged-out for the day, because they wanted to talk to me. "Okay", I said, not sure as to why they wanted to talk to me, where none else was asked. When I stepped out they gave me a card that they all signed, thanking me for helping them and for being so nice to them. I thanked them for their kindness toward me.

When they see me in the hallways or in the lunchroom, they hug me and ask for pointers and I gladly help them any way I can. Sometimes, as I walk away I hear the prettiest word, "Lady".
They called me a lady.
Thank you, Lord, for teaching me to be a Godly lady.
And thank you, Kristen, for choosing me as the model for your photography class.
I love you, too.

Thank you for visiting with me.

Vie Amoureuse

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