September 01, 2011

Patio Trasero

Growing up, the back yard (patio trasero) was a place where we played, climbed the tree house, or swung on the swings until our hearts content. With this mind, I went in search of pretty patio furniture, plants and statues. Backyards can be the extra family gathering place for bar-b-ques, weddings, parties, or just to sit and enjoy the evening sunset.

Wind Chimes played by an Heavenly Host.

I came across these lovely seating areas and thought of how nice it would be to sit with friends for a glass of ginger tea and pie.

A statue in the yard is noticed by everyone. 
See how her hair is wind blown as she is trying to hold her wrap in place and keep her wares all while she is enjoying another's company, is captured in this work of art.

White wicker has a history in patio furniture.

I enjoyed your visit.

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