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September 25, 2011

Internal Support Group

“Internal Support Group, how may I help you?”

“Yes, I have a caller on the line and I do not know how to search for her answers, can you help me?”

“Okay, what is your I.P. address? I am going to join your screen and show you where to look and find all the answers that you need for your caller, okay? See this? Go back and tell them this and this and this and that.” “Did you find my assistance helpful, today?”

I am all lines of business on my job so I can log in on any co-worker's screen needing my help, throughout the U.S. and assist the CSR find a resolution for their caller. I coach, explain, remind of laws, sometimes a shoulder to cry on or to be vented at: I need to be a great listener to hear what are they really asking for and provide an answer for every type of call every time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had that kind of world, where perhaps I could call someone and say something like, “Uh, yes, I need to decide if I should buy a house right now or wait a few more months?”

“No, problem,” they would say, “The house you should look into buying is on this street, it is the perfect house for you. Now is the time for you to buy a house. Find an agent and say this… and it will all work out, okay?”

And I would be so happy, I have the answer I was looking for and someone was there to help me.

Alright, we do not live in that type of world, but I still have someone to talk to and He listens and has all the right answers every time. I talk to Him day or night, His line is never busy, and every answer He gives is what is best for me.

The other morning, my daughter was telling me of the dream she just had.In her dream I was looking for some old letters. I had to find the letters because they meant so much to me that everyone started looking for them. She found the stack of letters on a shelf and she could tell they were very old. 

She began to read one of the letters to herself and it said, “To the One who understands me the most.” They were love letters to the Lord. She could tell I had been writing these letters to Him for many years for some of them, she said, were very old and vintage looking. 

Tears filled my eyes as I thought of the many years that God has been my “Internal Support” and strength. He’s got the biggest shoulder to cry on, and when I vent, (Uh, yes, I have those days in my life, too) He helps me get through those hard times. He is committed to me so I have no fear. I am blessed. 

He's God
When I come into His presence,
I humble myself,
lift up both my hands, 
and I begin to worship Him, I worship Him.

For all He's done for me,
redeemed and set me free,
and because, just because He's God.

When I come into His presence,
I humble myself,
remembering what He's done,
the victories that He's won,
so I'll praise Him, I'll praise Him.

He's God, Edwin Hawkins, Google, Glendale, Arizona. 09/25/2011

Google Source



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