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September 29, 2011

The Way We Were

I started blogging September 2010. Still learning how to do this, but I wanted to share the many looks and themes that time and I have gone through.
The first blog was called, Darlene's Blog and it had this look. No pictures or writings just a template,

Then there was, Darlene's I'd Rather Have Jesus. I was not too sure about it so I changed the name again to I'd Rather have Jesus Than Anything. And that went through a variety of looks.
(Oh, so glad we have overcome this plain look.)

Then I found some beautiful blogs and I loved the Victorian, Retro, Vintage and French designs that I tried to do my own and here is the first Victorian.
I'd Rather Have Jesus than Anything (the 2nd look)

Then I thought I would do something more Retro style instead and I would visit restaurants and write a review about my visits but realized this was a costly venture. Here are the looks that I have gone through since May 2011, eight months after I started blogging. (Oh, bare with me, please.)

We took this picture at Lenny's. I found many Diner and Drive Thru's on the Internet
that my blog had a 50's look. It really looked good but it had restricted me to that look.

A banner look. Eggs from the Mize's Chicken Farm Ranch.

Items from home.
Back in the Day Cafe
(The Mize's again were faithful sponsors for the eggs I needed they are so kind to me.) I chose this name because it had rhythm to the name. Then I found out there is a restaurant in Dewitt, Michigan and in Cary, North Carolina, and a rock radio station called 107 Back in the Day Cafe in Massachusetts; I felt I really need to change the name for my blog.)

These last two show my own made up look for Bella Rissah

This is where my style started changing once more. I came across French Country Cottage and loved the look. I started visiting her followers and came across Valentine Designs and noticed the blogs I enjoyed most were her designs. So, now I know where I need to go but not under the name, Back In The Day Cafe. My kids did not like any of the names I had gone through in the past, so I wanted to be careful. I would send emails to close friends and family, "You can find me under this new title." 
(How embarrassing I did this sooo many times. Did you say it like I said it, "soooo many times".)
Thus began my search for a new name and look.

Another change that took place, Pam at A State of Grace.Co, said she started a domain instead of a blog, after listening to her I asked myself, "Do I want a domain it may be costly I have My Etsy to work with my site?" Pray about it, Darlene, pray. I had talked to my friend, Esther, about trying to find a name that fits the look I  am trying to accomplish. Later, she was telling me about her little girl's expressions when she brought her a piece of cake "Cake, for me?" and she mentioned her name, Bella Rissah. Stop, right there! "What is your daughter's name?" And Esther began to tell me why she named her daughter Bella Rissah.
Bella Rissah
Our stories are similar in life matters that she had my attention. She and her husband wanted something that sounded beautiful and happy. So they chose the Italian word, Bella, and because they shared happiness together they wanted a name that showed they were given laughter with a fresh start, they chose the Latin word, Rissah. Bella Rissah means beautiful laughter. Okay, now I can call Karen Valentine  and I am so glad I did. All this time all I did was change the look to my blog over and over, I finally wrote my first Post in July 2011. I have been blogging for one year this September 2011, (I thought it was longer since I started but I realized September is my 1st Anniversary! see it in my profile) but really, it has been only since early May 2011 that I wanted to do a little bit more. So, I just got started.

Welcome to the permanent new name and look,
Bella Rissah


What do you think? 


  1. It was hard to get her to pay attention....she was to excited about her dress.....she said she wanted to look like princess.....beautiful very beautiful!....

  2. Hi Darlene,
    I can remember when I first started blogging and all the transformations my blog has gone through too. I think your blog is beautiful and I just love, love, love the name and the story behind it. I am looking forward to my visits and reading more. Have a wonderful weekend.




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