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September 12, 2011

Soup du Jour

When I was fourteen years old I went with a few of my siblings to dinner, we went to the Lotus Restaurant on the Old Highway 9 that became known as 9th Street. First we went to church then off we went to this fancy French restaurant. I can remember listening to Carlos and Olga talking about the prices being a little high but we were at a French restaurant and you know what they say, "When in Rome..." (Umm, what do the French say?) We were all given a menu and to me that let me know I was not considered to be a child. I glanced at the menu and decided I was having the soup. I had heard this pronounced before and it sounded so pretty I wondered if it tasted as good as it sounded. Each one gave their order to the server and then it was my turn. "I will have the Soup Du Jour". I promise you, every head at our table looked my way; I must have made it sound so pretty and so French. I was quite proud of myself and so was the waiter.
 He said he was proud of me for ordering something French when everyone else ordered American. As the server walked away I heard whispers that my soup was the most expensive item ordered and they were wondering if they had enough money to pay the tab. Everyone was given their shared meals and I was given my soup. 

I took one spoonful of this prettily name soup and no more; I suppose it is an acquired taste. Now, whenever I go to a French bistro I order the Francaise Oignon Soupe (French Onion Soup), 
it does not have a fancy name and but I am never disappointed.

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