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January 25, 2012

I Was Born For Pretty Dresses

My sisters know I love Victorian, Edwardian, Vintage and Southern glamorous style clothes. Olga, (my third sister) sent these to me, (YAYYY!) and I want to share with you these breathtaking pictures. Each dress weighs 75 pounds. Look at all the detail that goes into the dresses girls wear to the Debutante Ball.
On with the show...
First, we have the grand green floral!
Ahh, Dear, let us wander through the gardens,
The evening is meant for a stroll.

The lady has entered the room,
She is trimmed in gold lace,
We all admired her dress of exquisite elegance.  

Lady Española
In reds and gold,
How fair is she,
And delightful to behold.

Spin, spin, spin,
A carousel of color,
Oh, this dress is beautiful on you, 
And not on any other.

The grand entrance was set by the Lady of Blue,
A simple nod and smile,
As she passed by,
Whispers of "Lovely",
Onlookers deemed her to be,
My only wish,
Was that the lady in the blue dress,
Were me.

It all felt like a dream,
Were these dresses really mine?
In pictures, "Yes",
And for you, as well,
Oh! There was a day,
When ladies dressed this way,
Every day,
That is the story that "Time" does tell.

I was born for pretty dresses, 
Yes, this is true,
Should I wear this style of fashion,
You would hear others say,
"Her clothes are clearly,
Clearly, out of date!"
For these lovely dresses,
I was born,
Alas, born too late.
victorian angel playing violin
It is so sad,
My heart does break,
You see,
A debutante,
I will never be.
Dear, let us now go,
And have some tea,
And continue dreaming of,
How it,
"Used to be".

Thank you, for visiting me, again.
You are such a dear,
Dear, sweet friend.

Here's a
for you.

The End.




  1. Am I too old to be a debutante because I seriously would wear ANY of those delightful gowns. :)

  2. Not at all, dear Friend, at our church we have an "Old Fashioned Sunday", and believe it or not these dresses are similar to what we wear, minus the 75 pounds of fabric. It is much fun to dress up fancy and it is the one day "I Am A Debutante". :-D
    Thank you for visiting, dear.

  3. purple gown took my heart:(
    want to wear that gown!



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