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January 19, 2012

Window Shopping For Shoes

"This is going to be so much fun. Girl, it has been an age since we went shopping for shoes".
"Be honest, what do you think?"

"Where would you wear them and what outfit would you wear?"

"You're right, there is just absolutely nothing in my closet that goes with these shoes. Is it the color (you know I love to wear gold),  style (it has a peep-toe), or the height (that, I find difficult to get used too)? Although, it does have an Middle-Eastern flair. You would have to wear silk and a shear silk scarf."

"Let's try the next shop and see if we find something there. Isn't this fun, spending time together? I am just glad you had time to go shopping with me."

"I really like these by Gucci. Aren't they great? Oh, I would so wear these anywhere. A suit! Yes, these would compliment a suit, a Kasper!"

Dear, we both fell in love with the same pair, how funny is that? These are Jimmy Choo Nicci shoes.Look at the classic cut as it slopes down. Always look for the classic look it will UP the style of your outfit, truly dear, it will, trust me. Nice, really nice! 
                                                                        Getting better and better with Christian Louboutin . The red sole says it all. You don't have to say a word, just walk in quietly and still be heard. 

Summer sandles. Pretty.

Brian Atwood Rainbow High Heeled Sandals
Oh, I want these!!
Love, we are such girls when it comes to shoes, aren't we? Oh, it was fun having a girls-day-out shopping. Hey! Just around the corner is this great little place where we can have lunch and talk about all the money we saved just window shopping. We have got to do this again, soon. But before we go home, let's get a Starbucks coffee. Speaking of coffee, did I tell you about my essays? W-e-ll, (you have to say that breathy and exaggerated to get the right feel) I will have to let you read them, soon. Bye, dear.

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  1. Some of those shoes are really cute! Love the Jimmy Choos!

  2. I was just thinking that it would be nice to go shopping. Thank you for the invite and for the lovely time! I've always admired your taste in clothes! Anytime you want to do this again, just let me know. The "after shopping coffee break" will be my treat next time...you're on the list as 'chicken soup for my soul', sis!

  3. Oh, thank you. I can say the same for you.

  4. Actually, Amy, I think a hair post of the different styles you do would be great!



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