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January 08, 2012

Nooo, I Did It Again!

Read the label!! "Read the label", is what I tell myself, but it is usually after I make a mistake. Remember the Spanish rice experience I mentioned before, where I used cinnamon instead of cumin?

Well, I did it again. Only, this time time I added cayenne instead of cinnamon. Into what did I add the cayenne, you ask? My coffee. (Aye, Darlene!) 
You see, I sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon to my coffee, but it was so early in the morning that when I saw the C on the label I assumed it was the cinnamon. When I twisted off the cap and began the first shake, I stopped and thought, "Doesn't the cinnamon have a sifter top?" I looked at the label and read Cayenne. I added my French vanilla creamer and tried it. Hmm, not too bad. A little burn in the back of my throat, but not too bad. But, my dear, I will not do this again. Why? Because, next time I WILL READ THE LABEL!! Hee,hee, maybe this could be the start of something new. It really was not bad.
  Hee,hee.  ;D

You can read my rice experience in the original post, Cookbooks.

1 comment:

  1. Lol! Only you, Sis! Now, I just learned that some people get a warm glass of water, and put a 1/4 spoonful of cayenne in it. Swirl it around and drink it straight down. Cayenne is traditionally used by herbalists to cure stomach aches, cramping, gas, varicose veins, allergies, and constipation. I've even read that it can be good for preventing heart attacks! And some of the other things that it can supposedly cure is nothing short of amazing - but not always polite to mention in mixed company...lol...oh, all right, I'll say it - cayenne pepper will help clear up hemorrhoids if taken regularly!
    Little did you know that your mistake with you cayenne laced coffee was actually very beneficial to you! hahaha!



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